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Spiers Engineering Safety is a machinery safety consultancy with extensive experience in PUWER 98 Machinery Risk Assessments and CE marking for automation, food, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries.

Safe machines make sense.

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Getting Started

To get started we need to know what kind of work you are doing with machines. Which of the following best describes your interest in machine safety?


As a manufacturer you should ensure that a machine you build and bring in to use complies with European requirements (CE Marking).


As a user of work equipment you have a statutory duty to inspect your machines (work equipment) to identify risk and control them. This duty is set in law through PUWER 98.


Your role is a broad one indeed and you can't be an expert at everything. When it comes to Engineering and work equipment we can help. Contact us and we will work with you to find a solution to your needs.

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CE Marking

Spiers offers a variety of services in order to help you on your way to CE Marking your machinery. These services include CE Training, CE Purchase Specification Packages and CE Self Certification.


The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 legislation (PUWER 98) seeks to address, control and prevent workers risk of injury or death when using any sort of machinery whilst at work; this can range from office furniture to complex machinery.

With regards to machinery, PUWER 98 applies to any employer who requires the use of machinery as a part of their work related activities. The main aim of PUWER 98 is to ensure that equipment is suitable for the intended use, that the risk to health and safety is as low as reasonably practicable, the machine is accompanied by suitable information for use and used by competent operators.


Spiers has a range of training modules available so that sessions can be tailored to your specific needs. Each module was created by us to maximise machinery safety wthin the workplace. Training sessions are delivered by experienced and qualified Spiers trainers.